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About Us

Our mission is to drive awareness on the role food plays in relations to your health.  At ReNuuMe, we focus on detecting food allergies and providing you with supplements to help with digestion, cleansing, and appetite suppression, without added caffeine.  We live in a culture of fast food, processed food, and prescriptions for every health ailment.  Eating the right food and taking the right supplements can be the most powerful remedy for good health.  When you eat the wrong food, it can lead to inflammation and gastrointestinal tract issues, and a negative impact on your body.  After 30 years of practicing alternative healthcare, we have realized that disease is frequently related to what you eat, and at the same time, the cure can be what you eat.  At ReNuuMe Health Solutions, we believe a healthy digestive system is the key to proper food absorption.  The food industry is constantly adding things to make our food taste good and make it easy to prepare. These modifications can have a negative impact on our health and digestive system.  Our mission is to help you achieve your goal weight and optimal wellness with supplements based on the proven scientific data and proven patient results. ReNuu your body and experience what good health feels like.