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Our Mission

Our mission is to drive awareness of the role food plays in relation to your health.  At ReNuuMe, we focus on detecting food allergies and providing you with supplements to help with digestion, cleansing, and appetite suppression, without added caffeine.  We live in a culture of fast food, processed food, and prescriptions for every health ailment.  Eating the right food and taking the right supplements can be the most powerful remedy for good health.  When you eat the wrong food, it can lead to inflammation and gastrointestinal tract issues, and a negative impact on your body.  After 30 years of practicing alternative healthcare, we have realized that disease is frequently related to what you eat, and at the same time, the cure can be what you eat.

Our Services

Home Testing

Minimally Invasive, Home Test Kit, Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities, Results in 2 weeks.

Analyzing Results

Sensitivity Testing (IGG) 400 food items 325 non-food items, Nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, Gut Biome, Hormonal balance.

Health Condition based formulation

Compounding: Review Results, Personalized supplements based on your needs, Cost-effective, supplements for chronic illness, supplement for better health.


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